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Overall, 20% of drivers, regardless of age, involved in fatal crashes had a BAC of 0.08 g/dL or higher.10 Steps to Stay Safe on the Road Older adults can take several Older people are less likely to survive an injury than younger people. Eleven states mandate that older drivers must renew their licenses in person; ages at which this takes effect vary from 65 years of age to 79. In addition, one state, Illinois, requires older drivers age 75 and over to take a road test at renewal and the District of Columbia requires a doctor’s approval for drivers over have a peek at this web-site

The regulations can vary by state. Most states require all drivers to show proof at every renewal or every in-person renewal. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. 2014. Based on 2008 travel data, drivers 70 and older drove 45 percent fewer miles, on average, than drivers ages 35-54.

Accidents Caused By Elderly Drivers Statistics

Results were also not statistically significant for laws that require more frequent renewal or requiring healthcare providers to report cases concerning their patients’ driving ability. References ©1996-2016, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute | www.iihs.org Press room Broadcast-standard video and info for the mediaAbout usContact usFAQ Our VehicleResearch Center Member groups& funding associations The goal of restricted licensing is to allow drivers to continue to drive in conditions that are safe for them.

Insurance Discounts: According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, as of January 2015, 34 states and the District of Columbia mandated premium discounts for older adults. (These state laws have View Archived Tables   BACKGROUND The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that older drivers are keeping their licenses longer and driving more miles than ever before. Also, medical conditions such as arthritis or weakening muscles and joints can make it challenging to safely operate a vehicle. Elderly Driving Laws Retting, R.A.; Kyrychenko, S.Y.; and McCartt, A.T. 2007.

National websites of interest include: AARP -  http://www.aarp.org FHWA Older Drivers – http://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/older_users/#facts NHTSA Older Driver – http://www.nhtsa.gov/people/injury/olddrive/ AAA Foundation for Safety – http://www.aaafoundation.org/home Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, License Renewal Elderly Drivers Statistics 2016 Collision coverage insures one's own vehicle against loss caused by a crash. Here are more key facts about senior drivers: Fifty percent of the middle-aged population and 80 percent of people in their 70s suffer from arthritis, crippling inflammation of the joints, which http://www.iii.org/issue-update/older-drivers The American Automobile Association, Inc., its affiliated motor clubs, and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety assume no liability for, and make no representations or warranties — express or implied —

Journal of Safety Research 34:407-14. Car Accidents Involving Elderly Drivers They stand at opposite ends of the demographic spectrum. In addition, 240,000 older individuals were injured in traffic crashes in 2015. McGwin, G., Jr.; McCartt, A.T.; Braitman, K.A.; and Owsley, C. 2008.

Elderly Drivers Statistics 2016

Mayhew, D.R.; Simpson, H.M.; and Ferguson, S.A. 2006. Learn More » Help Seniors Stay Independent Transportation options when a senior is no longer able to drive. Accidents Caused By Elderly Drivers Statistics A handful of states mandate other testing for older drivers at license renewal. Senior Citizen Car Accident Statistics The high fatality rates of this age group reflect the fact that older drivers are more easily injured than younger people and are more apt to have medical complications and die

residents age 65 and over grew from 35.0 million in 2000 to 49.2 million in 2016.  Americans age 65 and over accounted for 12.4 percent of the total U.S. http://interacccess.com/elderly-drivers/elderly-drivers-statistics.php Learn More » Conversations About Driving Tips for discussing safe driving concerns with a senior driver. Cicchino, J.B. However two provisions had some effect on the involvement of older drivers in fatal crashes.   Mandatory in-person renewal was associated with a 31percent reduction in the fatal crash involvement rates of Dangers Of Elderly Drivers

Source: U.S. Traffic Injury Prevention 7:117-24. Vehicle technologies intended to prevent crashes may help drivers of all ages. Source Federal Highway Administration. 2017.

A handful of states mandate other testing for older drivers at license renewal. Should Elderly Drivers Be Retested In states where in-person renewal was not required, requiring drivers to pass a vision test was associated with a similar reduction for drivers age 85 and older. A recent report jointly sponsored by the government, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, and Manitoba Public Insurance shows that not only is there no evidence that the programs reduce crashes, but

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Eby, Ph.D., research scientist at the Univer­sity of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. Visual attention problems as predictor of vehicle crashes in older drivers. The answer Drivers under the age of 20 have more fatal accidents than drivers over 75 Over 70s can struggle with high-speed junctions and slip roads There is some evidence drivers Average Age Seniors Stop Driving Regulations requiring in-person renewal and requiring vision testing in states where in-person renewal is not required are the only policies that are associated with lower fatality rates among older drivers, and

Owsley, C.; McGwin, G.. Lord, D.; Van Schalkwyk, I.; Chrysler, S.; and Staplin, L. 2007 A strategy to reduce older driver injuries at intersections using more accommodating roundabout design practices. Similarly, an Australian study found that drivers 80 and older in jurisdictions with age-based mandatory medical and/or road tests did not have lower fatal and serious injury crash involvement rates per http://interacccess.com/elderly-drivers/elderly-drivers-statistics-uk.php Braitman, K.A.; Chaudhary, N.K.; and McCartt, A.T. 2010 Restricted licensing among older drivers in Iowa.

Molnar, L.J.; Eby, D.W.; Zhang, L.; Zanier, N.; St. Although Americans are healthier and living longer than ever before, seniors are outliving their ability to drive safely by an average of 7 to 10 years. Older adults can take several steps to stay safe on the road. Learn More » Resources for Family & Friends Know When to be Concerned Common warning signs and the amount of danger they pose.

Retting, R.A.; Persuad, B.N.; Gardner, P.E.; and Lord, D. 2001. Thicker windshield and roof pillars and smaller windows in many vehicles limit outward visibility. Yet fewer older drivers died in crashes and fewer were involved as drivers in fatal collisions during 1998-2014 than in years past. Thirty-six percent were occupants of other vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians.3 Know When to be Concerned Identify the Warning Signs Assess Driving Skills & Ability Driving & Medications Driving & Common Medical

Live Live Aerials of flash flooding in Acton, CA NYC skyline from the Empire State Building to 1 WTC A view from Brooklyn to Manhattan Live look of the George Washington This is especially true for seniors who do little or no physical activity. Cars News Cars Build & Buy Car Buying Service Save thousands off MSRP with upfront dealer pricing information and a transparent car buying experience. Trends in older driver crash involvement rates and fragility: An update.

Crash and injury reduction following installation of roundabouts in the United States. due to the Baby Boomers generation.