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Elderly Drivers Statistics 2013


Older adults can take several steps to stay safe on the road. Washington (DC): NHTSA; 2016 [cited 2016 Dec 21]. Involvement in fatal crashes, per mile traveled, begins increasing among drivers ages 70‒74 and are highest among drivers ages 85 and older. Factors leading to older drivers' intersection crashes. http://interacccess.com/elderly-drivers/elderly-drivers-statistics-uk.php

Vehicle technologies intended to prevent crashes may help drivers of all ages. Traffic Injury Prevention 16:196-201. Public opinion, traffic performance, the environment, and safety after the construction of double-lane roundabouts. Similar results are found with more recent data for 2010-14. https://crashstats.nhtsa.dot.gov/Api/Public/ViewPublication/812199

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Braitman, K.A.; Chaudhary, N.K.; and McCartt, A.T. 2010 Restricted licensing among older drivers in Iowa. Laws vary by state, but they generally mandate a minimum number of hours of supervised driving with parents and place restrictions on night driving and the number of passengers. Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety; Governors Highway Safety Administration.     INVOLVEMENT OF THE OLDER POPULATION IN TRAFFIC FATALITIES, 2006 AND 2015 (1)   2006 2015 Percent change, 2006-2015  

Older drivers have low rates of police-reported crash involvements per capita; their per capita fatal crash rates begin to increase at age 70. And some modern infotainment systems encourage drivers to take their eyes off of the road.

To make traffic signs more visible and easily understood, the Federal Highway Administration has The program has since expanded to 20 communities around the country.

Evelyn and Cliff Orman of Westbrook, Maine, who decided to stop driving in their mid-80s, are ITN America Dangers Of Elderly Drivers American Journal of Public Health 91:628-31.

For instance, in Illinois drivers over age 75 must take a road test when they renew their license. Accidents Caused By Elderly Drivers Statistics Practice is the best way to make teens more comfortable behind the wheel, but a traditional driver-ed program is often not enough. Per mile traveled, crash rates and fatal crash rates also start increasing at about age 70. http://www.iii.org/issue-update/older-drivers and Keltner, J. 1983.

and Trempel, R.E. 2004. Car Accidents Involving Elderly Drivers Accident Analysis and Prevention 39:427-32. Older drivers have plenty of experience and even tend to drive less. To what extent does fragility contribute to older drivers' fatal crash rates?

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Traffic Injury Epidemiology 1. http://www.iihs.org/iihs/topics/t/older-drivers/qanda and Shope, J.T. 2003. Elderly Drivers Statistics 2015 Drivers ages 70 and older were more likely than drivers ages 35-54 to make inadequate surveillance errors or to misjudge the length of a gap between vehicles or another vehicle's speed. Elderly Drivers Statistics 2016 Finding the safest route with well-lit streets, intersections with left turn arrows, and easy parking.

Available from URL: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/policyinformation/statistics/2015/dl20.cfm Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. have a peek at these guys Existing protective factors that may help improve older drivers’ safety include: High incidence of seat belt use While 60% of passenger vehicle occupants (drivers and passengers) ages 65-74 and 69% of In general, the state-mandated discounts apply to liability coverages because they are most relevant. Survey of older drivers' experiences with Florida's mandatory vision re-screening law for licensure. Senior Citizen Car Accident Statistics

Insurers have partnered with state and local governments, and groups such as AARP, to create programs designed to address these needs. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; Federal Highway Administration. People 80 and older are involved in 5.5 times as many fatal crashes per mile driven as middle-­aged drivers. http://interacccess.com/elderly-drivers/elderly-drivers-statistics.php Two examples include an 86-year-old man who drove his automobile into a crowded farmers’ market in California, killing 10 people.

Arlington, VA: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Elderly Driving Statistics 2016 Researchers characterized the difference as small but significant, especially since the number of 70 and older drivers was expected to grow substantially. A 2003 Institute study examined historical crash rates of older drivers and projected that older drivers would become an increasing proportion of the overall crash problem, including fatal crashes.

Leaving a large following distance behind the car in front of you.

Report no. Restrictions on teenage drivers apply to all new licensees under a certain age because of their relative inexperience and immaturity, while restrictions on older drivers are based on individual assessment. A big reason is the graduated driver-­licensing laws implemented by many states. “GDL hasn’t eliminated the problem with teens, but it has been a really effective countermeasure,” says Anne McCartt, vice Elderly Driving Laws None fell asleep at the wheel, had been drinking, or was taking strong medications.

In 2014, more than 5,700 older adults were killed and more than 236,000 were treated in emergency departments for motor vehicle crash injuries. Hence, the elevated crash rates for older drivers when measured per mile traveled may be somewhat inflated due to the type of driving they do. It appeared that restrictions reinforced decisions some older drivers already had made to decrease or self-regulate their trips by driving less or reducing or eliminating driving in risky situations such as this content Sacramento, CA: Office of Traffic Safety, California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Ten states currently require older drivers to take vision tests at license renewal (see chart). Can screening tests identify drivers with an elevated crash risk? Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. 2014. Naumann RB, Dellinger AM, Kresnow MJ.

They can set a top speed, limit the volume of the radio, and prevent the radio from coming on until the driver’s safety belt is fastened. “In a manner, it puts Nine states require doctors to report any dangerous medical conditions that can impair a patient’s driving. and McCartt, A.T. 2014. Accident Analysis and Prevention 36:993-1001.

Washington, DC: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Based on follow-up interviews in the Institute study, becoming widowed or divorced was associated with an increase in driving, whereas retiring was associated with less driving. Considering potential alternatives to driving, such as riding with a friend or using public transit, which you can use to get around.