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Transformers Summer Sci-Fi Morrowind Top 5 Those little Tarantino things... He'll wear what he wants and doesn't give a damn what you think about it. What is the name of "The Bride's" daughter? With images superimposed over each other on what happened on that "fateful day" -Lee Van Cleef's character even says "Somebody once wrote that revenge is a dish that has to be check over here

On which eye does Elle Driver (California Mountain Snake) have her eye patch? Updated Aug 03 2017. There's a lot you could say.xeousOriginally posted by HACharboneau (That is of course, unless she had an antidote.) Right and it would make total sense to carry around the most poisonus Oh yeah I just seen a little through my Dressed To Kill DivX there I found one split screen, they are talking on the phone, not to each other, but the

Elle seemed confident that she could overpower the smaller Beatrix, who suddenly ripped out Elle's remaining eye with a free hand. She could return in a sequel, as a true California Mountain Snake could conceivably survive a black mamba's venom. As Elle replied that she felt regret more than relief, Budd opened the suitcase and riffled through the money, finding a black mamba that Elle had planted inside. The two women stared each other down and finally engaged each other, locking their swords together in a test of strength.

All the other Deadly Vipers have some empathetic quality: O-Ren Ishii has this horrible past, [Vernita Green] just wants to be a mom, the Bride has been abused, but my character The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (or DiVAS) were responsible. In The Living Room / Trash Culture Catchall Baby Driver - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Revie... Upon locating her unconscious prey, Elle stated that despite their mutual disdain for each other, she nonetheless respected her.

From Quiz: Kill Bill Vol. 2. (Author: kyleisalive) Click to dispute answer. As Elle was leaving Budd's trailer, she was kicked back inside by Beatrix, which led to an intense fight between the two. Why is she awful exactly? Like "I don't give a shit.

He then offered her the priceless blade in exchange for one million dollars in cash. In The Lounge / Community Catchall The Last Time That You Got Angry I haven't played BSG in recent years, but played it a lot for the first two years after What does BB's name most likely stand for? I loved the pacing and soundtrack and humor and...

She' a braver man than I. Posted: 15 Jun 2015 15:43 by Black Barney #204353 I don't know how Christopher Plummer's amazing eyepatch doesn't make the 'sci-fi' list but Elle Driver does?! Have you ever noticed that there are alot of feet, Lke the talking of feet and scenes involving feet? Gravel Glass Rocksalt Sand Answer: Rocksalt A double dose of rocksalt literally knocks "The Bride" off her feet.

FutureEdit Elle's survival is unknown. http://interacccess.com/elle-driver/elle-driver-doll.php What word is it? That and, in Pulp fiction, When they are in the hallway, They're talking about feet and the camera is always folling behind them.gold watchabout bill's car again... And yeah, Eaten Alive....crappy assed movie...I mean BAD....at the begining a character is about to have sex, ad his name is Buck and he says the line, "My name's Buck and

When Uma gets surrounded and then there`s a quick overhead shot before all hell breaks loose. I suppose I'm not the only person who was rather chilled by the image. Last Saturday I planned to borrow a game from my gaming club. http://interacccess.com/elle-driver/elle-driver-vs-pai-mei.php Upon tracking him down, she soon fell in love with him despite his dating Beatrix.

For those of you who are Quentin Tarantino fans, you know that he created this world in which most of the characters he creates (in most of his movies) are connected Elle originally worked for Interpol and was sent on an assignment to apprehend Bill. So I'm going with the Top 5.     I've always thought eye-patches were cool.

Must have been because of the 'patch. 2) Voltan.

From Quiz: "Kill Bill Vol 2" Logic. (Author: thefunone777) Click to dispute answer. As if there was any doubt who the number one would be. My respect for this site has gone up a notch! To make the visual image complete, what color is the suitcase?

Top Solidas Re: Kill Bill Movie reference tally (please contri Quote Post by Solidas » Sun Oct 19, 2003 8:39 am Some critics mentioned about the crazy 88 bloody leftover bodies Last edited by BadMotherFucker on Sun Oct 19, 2003 10:59 am, edited 1 time in total. I think he says it there.. http://interacccess.com/elle-driver/elle-driver-art.php i <3 them.

THIS IS THE OFFICIAL TARANTINO.info REFERENCES GUIDE, WHERE ALL THE REFERENCES WILL BE GATHERED: http://www.tarantino.info/movie/killbil ... -guide.htm PLEASE CONTRIBUTE! No matter how much his first sword might have brought him, Budd is determined to do better business this time. Infuriated, Elle half-heartedly agreed and aborted the mission.  When Beatrix woke up from her coma, Elle still had some kind of romantic relationship with Bill (evidently, she was the only one They are the only two with whom she does not claim "an unfinished business".

Uma does the same but she uses a sword and cuts their feet off.... Answer: Truth Serum He makes Beatrix keep the dart in her knee for about five minutes while he rambles on about a theory he has. It worked for me though. After abusing the helpless Beatrix, Elle stood above her bloody body as Bill approached and then shot her in the head.

It could be argued that Elle is too narrow-minded and arrogant to see the Bride's strategy, however.